Herschel Park

As the education partner for Herschel Park, we’ve been working with young people and teachers to create learning resources for schools and families to make your visit to Herschel Park even more enjoyable!

Herschel Park is a unique park, easily accessible in the centre of Slough. Consisting of the recently restored Victorian Pleasure Gardens and a newly created Nature Reserve, it has a rich history and amazing wildlife and plants to explore.

We’ve developed two learning resources, with possibilities for Key Stages 2 & 3; the Herschel Park Restored. Key Stage 2 Educational Resource which includes project plans, curriculum connections and supporting material, and the Herschel Park Audio Resource for Key Stage 2 & 3 students and for families which explores historical characters associated with the park. Herschel Park also now has an education centre that can be booked by schools for use during your visit. (Please see The Bentley Education Centre Booking Form under Schools’ Resources).
The resources have been created to support visits to the park and to make Herschel Park a great learning environment and place of exploration for everybody.
Download the resources, follow the winding paths around the park, and see what you can discover…